IOMEGA VR is an experimentation, demonstration and training platform specialized in the development of immersive tools dedicated to engineering and management of response networks.

It enables firms, whatever their size, positioning and experience, to carry out their research and development programs on such themes.   
The topics covered range from artificial intelligence for decision-making to immersive training and the visualization of complex situations.

IOMEGA VR is a component of the Centre Génie Industriel, one of the 3 research centers of IMT Mines Albi.


A team dedicated to your research and development projects

In the fields of:

A wide offer suited to businesses

Scientific expertise and support

A team of scientists at the junction of industrial engineering and artificial intelligence capable of supporting firms in their research, which could benefit from immersive environments:

  • to conduct scientific and technical analysis,
  • to design and develop a software prototype,
  • conduct and analyze an experimental approach.

Research partnership

A vocation to carry or integrate partnership projects with industrial and/or public financing:

  • Collaborative projects (ANR, EU, etc.)
  • Joint industrial laboratories (direct bipartite contract)
  • Chair of sponsorship

Continued education

Sequences of in-house or inter-company continued education that require highly interactive computer and pedagogical facilities:

  • Design and implementation of training courses
  • Premises made available to partners

State-of-the-art equipment


Collaborative response networks impacted by the research theme, with a technology facilitation component.


A set of state-of-the-art technological (connected objects, robots, etc.), IT (servers, software development infrastructure, etc.) and audiovisual (video walls, touch screens, etc.) resources.


Experienced equipment and human resources capable of designing/establishing proofs of concept, developing/testing/validating research software prototypes and defining/executing/analyzing large-scale experimental designs.


A user-friendly and pedagogical hardware configuration for the implementation of interactive training courses based on software tools on the market or prototypes developed within the framework of IOMEGA.


An environment allowing the dissemination and validation by firms of the concepts, methods and tools developed within the framework of the research and development work of the Centre Génie Industriel and its partners.


An immersive context allowing experimentation with new approaches and innovative principles.


Examples of projects hosted by IOMEGA VR:

  • Joint industrial laboratory EGCERSIS (Training in Crisis Management in Representative Environments of Sensitive Industrial Sites) in partnership with the firms IMMERSIVE FACTORY and REPORT ONE and co-financed by the region OCCITANIE (2019-2022).
  • Joint industrial laboratory SCAN (Agile and Digital Collaboration System) in partnership with the firms SCALIAN (2019-2024).
  • Theses on data science for decision-support in collaborative environments based on principles of physics (2019-2022).
  • Theses on the humanitarian supply chain and on the deployment of networks of means associated with natural disasters (2019-2022)
  • ANR project on decision-support based on the measurement of critical infrastructure resilience indicators (2019-2023).
  • European project on innovation in crisis management (2017-2020).