The Industrial Engineering Center is a training and research center, directly linked to the training courses of IMT Mines Albi.

Engineering training

IMT Mines Albi offers 4 options, directly linked to the areas of expertises of the school's training, research and innovation centers.

The Centre Génie Industriel provides the Industrial Engineering, Process and Information System option.

This curriculum will enable you to acquire and develop skills to improve and optimize the processes and overall performance of industrial organizations.


The courses of the option are organized around common basics associated to a choice of two approaches:

  • Industrial engineering: optimization of the overall performance of firms and industrial organizations through product design, industrialization, production management and supply chains.
  • Information systems management: optimization of the overall performance of firms and industrial organizations through the design, deployment and management of information systems.

The common basis courses will enable you to acquire solid knowledge in process modelling, project management, as well as good interpersonal skills.

TOP4 of the business sectors

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • ICT service
  • Consulting firms, Design offices, Engineering,
  • Food industry.

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Master of science

  • SCALE : Supply Chain and Lean Management

National Master's degree

  • MILES : Management of International Lean and Supply chain projects

Continued education

The training proposes to discover tools and methods of organizational diagnosis and problem solving suited to the hospital context, with the aim of enabling the agents of these organizations to improve the daily life of patients and staff.

This program provides comprehensive training (18 days) in continuous improvement methods, techniques and tools (otherwise known as Lean Management and 6 Sigma) applied to the business world.

This training uses simple but concrete and realistic processes as a guideline so that participants can get a clear idea of the potential of a simulation tool.

This program provides comprehensive training (20 days) in the methods, techniques and tools of Supply Chain Management and Demand Management applied to the business world.

Certificate of Qualification of Competencies (CQC) Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management taught in French or English, is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE). Its objective is to teach trainees the fundamentals of operations and supply chain management.


At the international level, the doctorate is the highest diploma in higher education: it is equivalent to Baccalaureate+8 in the LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorate) curriculum, which has become the European standard.
To apply for a thesis or to register for a PhD at IMT Mines Albi through the Centre Génie industriel, please visit the website dedicated to PhDs.