Joint Research Laboratory DISC


The Joint Laboratory DISC (Data-drIven Supply Chain management) consists of the research consortium Next4 Supply Chain and the Centre de Génie Industriel of IMT Mines Albi. Next4 offers a solution for tracking containers from their departure from the warehouse to their arrival at the end-user's premises.

This Joint Laboratory includes a research program dedicated to the management of logistics activities in a supply chain based on connected objects. It is engaged over the period 01/10/2019 - 30/09/2024 and is financed exclusively by Next4 and IMT Mines Albi.


The objective of the research program is to exploit the data generated by sensors such as those marketed by Next4, in order to support shippers in their decision-making process. In particular, the aim is to provide these shippers with the keys to better manage the disruptions and hazards to which their transport is subject, in order to improve the agility and resilience of their supply chains.