The Centre Génie Industriel (Industrial Engineering Center) is developing an expertise that is internationally recognized in the application of artificial intelligence methods to the world of industrial engineering.

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Research Disciplines

  • Discipline

    Science of data ‌‌

    Bring out situational models leading to decision making.

  • discipline

    Knowledge engineering

    Model and exploit specific knowledge to prepare for decision making.

  • discipline modeles

    Model Engineering

    Build, manage and operate situation models in the CGI's research areas.

  • discipline recherche

    Operational Research

    Support decision making in system design, improvement and optimization.

4 axes of applied research

  • Supply chain management and organization

    Understand and manage the complexity, instability and hyper-connectivity of supply chains. ‌

  • Security and crisis management

    Provide agile and interdisciplinary solutions to crisis management.

  • Organizational engineering for health

    Propose more robust, cooperative and efficient ways of organizing the health system.

  • Design and development of products, services and processes

    Reconfigure decision support systems taking into account risks and uncertainties.

The team

  • 1.7M

    contractual activity

  • 69


  • 43


  • 23

    doctoral students

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