IOMEGA (Interoperability of Organizations, Means, Experiments, Games and Acceptances) is a research and demonstration platform specialised in the development of decision support tools in complex and/or highly collaborative environments. It enables companies to implement their research and development programs on these themes.

Applications are for products, processes, projects or systems. IOMEGA is a component of the Industrial Engineering Centre of IMT Mines Albi.


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A team dedicated to your research and development projects

Among its areas of expertise:

A wide range of services tailored to the needs of companies

Scientific expertise and support

A pool of scientists in industrial engineering and computer engineering able to help companies work on issues about decision-making support in complex and/or highly collaborative environments:

  • Conduct scientific and technical analysis
  • Formalize and develop software prototypes,
  • Carry out and interpret the results of experimental campaigns.

Partnership research

IOMEGA aims to support or integrate partnership projects with industrial and/or public funding. IOMEGA has the support of ARMINES for the legal and financial management of projects.


IOMEGA can host intra- or inter-company continuous learning sequences that require highly interactive computer and teaching facilities. CGI teams can design and implement these learning courses or the premises can be made available, after those employees have been trained.   

High end equipment


A range of advanced technological (connected objects, robots...), IT (servers, development infrastructure, software...) and audio-visual (image walls, touch screens...) resources are available.


Experienced equipment and human resources capable of conceiving/establishing proof of concept, developing/testing/validating research software prototypes and defining/executing/analysing large-scale experimental designs.


A user-friendly and educational hardware configuration for the implementation of interactive training based on market software tools or prototypes developed within IOMEGA.


An environment allowing the dissemination and validation by companies of the concepts, methods and tools developed as part of the research and development work of the Centre de Génie Industriel and their partners.



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